Your ticket to delicious – Top Malaysian dishes you must try

Travelling to Malaysia is always filled with lots of fun and entertainment. Malaysia is known for the natural beauty it provides to the visitors. There are multiple points in the country where a visitor can go to take a look at the creativity of nature.

Most of the people are only aware of this particular aspect of Malaysia while there is another great valuable aspect of this country that many people are unfamiliar.

We were also unfamiliar with that aspect unless we went to Malaysia for a tour. We were buying a 巴士票 in Kuala Lumpur when we found a Malaysian guide who told us that there is another great aspect of Malaysia that attracts many visitors towards Malaysia.

We were shocked to hear this fact so we asked him about that aspect and he told us that there are some famous dishes of Malaysia that are famous amongst many visitors.

After knowing this fact, we started surfing different websites on the internet to find out the most popular dishes of Malaysia. We had to try numerous dishes as we didn’t find enough information on the internet. Finally, we decided to share our experience with you so that you may not have to face the difficulties that we went through.

Today, we’re going to talk about different dishes that you must try when you go to Malaysia. There is no doubt that Malaysia is has a lot of delicacies but today we’re only going to talk about the best Malaysian dishes that are worth trying. Let’s take a look at the dishes now

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is known as the national food of Malaysia as every Malaysian is a fond of this particular dish and they love eating it regularly. It is a fragrant rice dish that is cooked in the mixture of different ingredients including coconut milk.

Everyone in this region loves this comfort food. You can go to any restaurant or hotel to try this dish as it is available in almost all the restaurants and hotels of Malaysia.

The most attractive thing for you is that it is not much expensive as you can buy it for 0.50 USD easily. You can also ask a native to find the vegetarian version of this dish as the vegetarian version is more delicious as compared to the standard version.


Satay is made from grilled and seasoned, skewered meat (usually beef or chicken). It is one of the amazing street foods of Malaysia. A distinct blend of turmeric, lemongrass, and other local spices is used to marinate the meat which adds a delicious taste to this food. One of the best version of satay is known as Kajang Satay that everybody loves to eat.

There are various night markets where you can go to try this delicious food. Sometimes it is served with a dollop of spicy sambal which makes it more delicious.

Tips for buying the perfect Steak

Buying a perfect Steak is difficult and if you really want to buy the best, you need to know these tips which are very vital while buying some good steak.

Build a relationship with butcher to know the best about Steak Buying

A good steak might be costly or it could be of low quality if you don’t know much about buying the steak.

But if you got the person who knows best about the steak and deals every day with such stuff, you can have the best steak available at a very cheap cost.

If you can build a good relationship even with a local butcher, you can get the huge benefit of his knowledge while having a daily life conversation with him.

So, it’s all about experience and knowledge and how you can get the best.

Knowing the basics, the Cow Biology Study

This tip might look difficult by name but it’s really simple. When you want to buy the best product, you should have the sound knowledge about that.

Same goes with the Steak Buying. If you know about the basics parts of the cow body then you can have an intelligent conversation with the butcher while buying and this can help you get some really good pieces.

At least you should know that the front area of the cow including shoulders is called the chuck area, the area at the back is called rump and the portion lies in between these two is called rib and loin sections.

Buying from the best area in the Supermarket

When we buy the steak at the supermarket, we usually notice two types of sections there. One is called the case section where they have unpacked beef and the other is known as a refrigerated section where they have the pre-packed beef.

From experience, it is observed that the case area is better because it’s the place where they put the premium grades beef. It might be too late when you check the pre-packed packet at home and find out that it is of low quality.

So, always buy from the unpacked section to maximize the chances of getting fresh and better beef.

What Steaks are best steaks for grilling?

There are many types of Steak that are awesome to eat but we have compiled the top 5 types of steaks that are best for grilling.

Flat Iron

It’s a steak from the top of the shoulder of animal and it’s boneless. It falls in the chuck section and it is the best type of steak that will blow you away.

It is found to be the solution to a problem which was that what to do with the beef which is a waste cut from the shoulder of the Cow.

The flat iron is also known as the Top Blade Steak and it is uniform and rectangular in appearance. The name is given due to a reason which is that it looks like the ancient metal flat iron piece.


It falls in the rib section and it has two different names. Some call it the Cowboy Steak and many know this as Delmonico.

What are the best steaks for grilling

It is sold in both types either boneless or bone-in and it is usually served in a bowl with all the ingredients that are used in preparing this recipe and a different ratio of particular spices can be used according to need.


The meat gets divided by the bone into two different sections. One is called the large strip and the other is known as tenderloin. It falls in the short loin section. Both of the steaks contain a T-shaped bone covered with meat from both sides.


It also falls in short loin section and it is located close to the T-bone. The larger tenderloin which is attached to the central bone is supported by porterhouse. It is famous in America.

Strip Steak

It is often called as New York Strip and it is a cut from the short loin of the cow. It is not as tender as the rib-eye but it makes the meat specifically tendered.

It’s a sizable piece and can be cut into many. It is also known as Kansas City Strip and it also falls in the short loin section. It is also sold as boneless or bone-in depending upon the order.

Reviewing the top 5 dinner options if you hate cooking

Fancy chicken dinners and vegetable-filled salads are some of the things that come to our when we think about eating healthy. It is a fact that you need to cook your dinner on your own if you want to eat healthily but it doesn’t mean that you need to eat unhealthy food if you hate cooking. There are several dishes that you can eat to stay healthy even if you hate cooking.

Most of us have a very busy life schedule and it is also a fact that cooking your own food can sometimes take a lot of time and that’s the reason why most of the people hate cooking. Instead of stop eating healthy food, you must try to find some ideas that you can use to prepare healthy food without even cooking.

You may get the food delivered by different reliable food delivery services that are committed to serving healthy food. If you want to find the reliable food delivery services you must take a look at the Blue Apron Reviewed here, including price. However, let’s take a look at the top 5 dinner options that you can use if you hate cooking.

Healthy drinks

Blending the vegetables and fruits is one of the best ways of getting loads of nutrients from them. You must consume the three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit daily if you want to stay healthy and fit throughout your life.

This is an instant drink that will help you consume a huge amount of vitamins and minerals in one try.

If you need some extra proteins and nutrients, you can add some nuts and seeds in your drink.


You can make healthy snacks a part of your dinner or you can even eat them at any time to the day you want. According to the experts, your blood sugar and metabolism remain in a better condition. The only thing you should keep in mind when choosing the snack is that you should only choose the snacks that are healthy and can bring amazing benefits to your health.

Slow cooker recipes

You can choose to prepare the slow recipes for the dinner as they do not need enough effort. All you need to do is putting the mixture of all the ingredients in the slow cooker and the food will be prepared in the 7-8 hours. There are plenty of healthy slow cooker recipes available that can be prepared at home.

Cook in Bulk

You can choose to cook a huge amount of food that can last for the whole week. You can freeze the food after cooking and then you can heat it up in the oven to eat whenever you want.

Eating at a restaurant

You can also go to eat at a restaurant but make sure that you go to a restaurant that provides hygienic food to its customers and also choose the food that is good for your health.