Best Wheeled Coolers In The Market

Why wheeled coolers, you may ask? Well, when you’re cooler’s full of food and beverages it becomes super heavy to lug around – how about having something easy to carry around – like the same cooler, but on wheels? It’s a smart choice to make. These wheeled coolers can be easily moved around when outdoors – so it’s a perfect choice for travelers. You might have this question which is the best cooler to buy. You cannot jump in conclusions just like that. You need to view website to get complete details and specifications about the particular product. By doing that we have listed the best-wheeled colliers that are available in the market.

  1. Igloo Marine Ultra cooler:
    This beauty from Igloo is another reason why we love wheeled coolers so much! The best part about it? It comes in all sizes; you can easily buy one according to your needs – from 28 quartz to 162-quart capacity, they have it all. It is equipped with a lockable lid which ensures nothing spills out from your cooler accidently. It comes with extra perks such as four beverage holders and is super easy to carry around.
  2. Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler:
    A spacious cooler with heavy duty wheels – isn’t that what we all dream about on those outdoor trips? Well, Coleman’s Xtreme series Wheeled coolers perfectly fits the bill! What are the specialties of this cooler? It has a 50-quart storage capacity and has cup holders in which you can conveniently place your drinks and bottles. This feature allows you to use this cooler as a table top too. While the wheels are pretty strong, those who have used this cooler complain that the wheels aren’t really strong enough to move on uneven surfaces.
  3. Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled cooler:
    A must take-along cooler for all your outdoor trips, Pelican’s wheeled cooler gives you countless reasons for one to purchase it right away. It is equipped with polyurethane insulation which allows it to keep stuff cool for around ten long days! It is secured with proper handles and latch systems to ensure all the items stay well inside it, without any risk of accidental opening and spilling. You have a fish scale and bottle opener to make your job easier. Also, the wheels are super tough!
  4. Igloo Glide pro-cooler:
    Get this trendy cooler, and you have a valid reason to show it off proudly wherever you take it along! This super trendy cooler keeps food well and good for five days. Created using polyethylene, this cooler is durable yet light in weight. This, coupled with the large wheels makes pulling around this cooler pretty easy, even when it’s full with stuff. It’s perfect even on rough surfaces – way to go!




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