The cakes and desserts every steakhouse should have

Is it possible for a steakhouse to offer a dessert? You’d be surprised to know that many steakhouses included desserts in their menus. Compared to the other restaurants, the dessert in steakhouses is enormous, according to food writers and reviewers.steakhouse desserts

How they picked which desserts to include on their menu? Let’s try to find out which cakes and desserts a steakhouse should have.

#Chocolate cakes

A chocolate inspired desserts and cakes are the must for every restaurant, including steakhouses. Most people enjoy chocolate, which gives you the advantage of trying out different things. For example, you can offer classic chocolate desserts, like chocolate cake or chocolate mousse. The chocolate tart can be an excellent choice because you can easily adjust the recipe to your guests. If you want to make something unique and remarkable, you can try out themed desserts, like Halloween Cake Recipes on  


A homemade pie is something that will pull your guests into your place. With crunchy crisp and delicious fruity flavor, a pie will be a perfect match to the steak. There are a lot of different ways you can experiment with pies on your menu.

If you want to evoke the feeling of being home or celebrating holidays, an apple cinnamon pie is a right choice. If you’re more into the exotic taste and want to share your passion with the guests, try adding exotic fruit like mango to the plain cherry pie.


halloween cake recipesCupcakes are convenient to make – they usually don’t require too much effort. The main strength of this dessert is that it gives you the room for decorating them the way you want. This will engage your guests to try not only one but many different cupcakes at the time. Why is this a good thing? You can set a higher price for the piece, counting on the number of sold pieces (which can often exceed the price of a piece of pie or cake).

#Creamy desserts

For real dessert lovers, you need to provide flavors that are out of the top, especially after they’ve had a good stake. Ice-cream is the first idea that pops into your mind, and it’s a good idea, too. There are a lot of flavors that can be included and many ways for decorating the dessert. However, don’t forget about cream Brule and its melting texture that will blow your guest’s mind.

An alternative route in deciding which dessert will go on your menu is experimenting with the simple treats like candy corn, caramel apples, or pancakes. Listen to your guests’ needs and give them what they want!

The Flaming Volcano Dessert at The Range Steakhouse | Harrah’s Las Vegas

The Flaming Volcano is vanilla ice cream with a Nestle candy shell, drizzled with a raspberry sauce. The whole dessert is doused with chocolate ganache and a Bacardi 151 blend, lastly add fire.

Another important thing to consider when crafting the dessert menu is different holidays and occasion which can be used to promote different types of dessert. As we mentioned earlier, Halloween can be celebrated with some sweet cake recipes, but you shouldn’t stop there. Explore the fun side of holidays and transfer the ideas to the dessert menu – your guests will enjoy your creativity.



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