Milan can be regarded as the city of food in Italy. This city is packed with restaurants and cafes ranging from local to extremely expensive ones. But finding tasty and cheap food there is not an easy task.


The more options you got, the more confused you become. Don’t trust every travel guide book as the chances of you being ripped off will be increased. Following are some tips that will help you find the best restaurants in Milan:

Get away from the casual path

The biggest mistake we made in Milan is to enter the normal food zone and eat there. But the food in those local restaurants is extremely expensive and often not good. The trick is to talk a walk of 10-15 minutes away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the traditional restaurants situated at a distance because before tourist attraction the real ancient food spots will be there.

Don’t eat from a restaurant that is open 24/7

The meal timings of Italians are very specific. So, if you really want to enjoy traditional Italian dishes then don’t go to a restaurant that remains open all day. They eat lunch from 12-2:30 pm and have dinner at 7:30-11pm.

Run away from the luring host

If you see a host that is trying to persuade you to eat in his restaurant by his charming tricks then run away from that restaurant. Because the good restaurants in Milan are mostly reserved, it is very difficult to find a spot there. So, they will never persuade you.

Pick one with the menu in Italian

Don’t eat at a restaurant those menus are in English or several languages as it will be for the tourists. Instead, go for the one with an Italian menu. Although it sounds difficult you will find the best food there. You can take the help of translating books or apps.

Don’t eat where pizza is offered at lunch

If you see a restaurant that offers pizza at lunch then it is a symbol of the restaurant for tourists with average food. Because Italians do not eat pizza at lunch as they avoid heating up the oven for lunch as they have much shorter duration. So, don’t go there and eat somewhere else.

Pick one where Italian is being spoken

English is very rarely spoken in Italy so don’t go for a restaurant that is packed with the English-speaking people. Instead, eat at a place where the staff and customers seem Italian as it indicates their authenticity.

Best restaurants in Milan

Although Milan is packed with the best ones Shi’s restaurant is among the most prominent names. You can have a look at their menu at Among some other good ones are Rebelot, Papermoon, Ratana and Dry Milano.