What Steaks are best steaks for grilling?

There are many types of Steak that are awesome to eat but we have compiled the top 5 types of steaks that are best for grilling.

Flat Iron

It’s a steak from the top of the shoulder of animal and it’s boneless. It falls in the chuck section and it is the best type of steak that will blow you away.

It is found to be the solution to a problem which was that what to do with the beef which is a waste cut from the shoulder of the Cow.

The flat iron is also known as the Top Blade Steak and it is uniform and rectangular in appearance. The name is given due to a reason which is that it looks like the ancient metal flat iron piece.


It falls in the rib section and it has two different names. Some call it the Cowboy Steak and many know this as Delmonico.

What are the best steaks for grilling

It is sold in both types either boneless or bone-in and it is usually served in a bowl with all the ingredients that are used in preparing this recipe and a different ratio of particular spices can be used according to need.


The meat gets divided by the bone into two different sections. One is called the large strip and the other is known as tenderloin. It falls in the short loin section. Both of the steaks contain a T-shaped bone covered with meat from both sides.


It also falls in short loin section and it is located close to the T-bone. The larger tenderloin which is attached to the central bone is supported by porterhouse. It is famous in America.

Strip Steak

It is often called as New York Strip and it is a cut from the short loin of the cow. It is not as tender as the rib-eye but it makes the meat specifically tendered.

It’s a sizable piece and can be cut into many. It is also known as Kansas City Strip and it also falls in the short loin section. It is also sold as boneless or bone-in depending upon the order.