Tips for buying the perfect Steak

Buying a perfect Steak is difficult and if you really want to buy the best, you need to know these tips which are very vital while buying some good steak.

Build a relationship with butcher to know the best about Steak Buying

A good steak might be costly or it could be of low quality if you don’t know much about buying the steak.

But if you got the person who knows best about the steak and deals every day with such stuff, you can have the best steak available at a very cheap cost.

If you can build a good relationship even with a local butcher, you can get the huge benefit of his knowledge while having a daily life conversation with him.

So, it’s all about experience and knowledge and how you can get the best.

Knowing the basics, the Cow Biology Study

This tip might look difficult by name but it’s really simple. When you want to buy the best product, you should have the sound knowledge about that.

Same goes with the Steak Buying. If you know about the basics parts of the cow body then you can have an intelligent conversation with the butcher while buying and this can help you get some really good pieces.

At least you should know that the front area of the cow including shoulders is called the chuck area, the area at the back is called rump and the portion lies in between these two is called rib and loin sections.

Buying from the best area in the Supermarket

When we buy the steak at the supermarket, we usually notice two types of sections there. One is called the case section where they have unpacked beef and the other is known as a refrigerated section where they have the pre-packed beef.

From experience, it is observed that the case area is better because it’s the place where they put the premium grades beef. It might be too late when you check the pre-packed packet at home and find out that it is of low quality.

So, always buy from the unpacked section to maximize the chances of getting fresh and better beef.



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